A Raincoat For Your Bag— Would You Use One?

Le Fashion Blog Rainy Day Street Style Umbrella Marina Larroude Cable Knit Sweater Flared Jeans Via Garance Dore photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Rainy-Day-Street-Style-Umbrella-Marina-Larroude-Cable-Knit-Sweater-Flared-Jeans-Via-Garance-Dore.jpg
Le Fashion Blog The Raincoat Handbag Bag Protector Cover Rain Snow Style
 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-The-Raincoat-Handbag-Bag-Protector-Cover-Rain-Snow-Style.jpg
Photos via: Garance Doré | Shopbop

I came across The Handbag Raincoat and am having very mixed emotions. On one hand, I was all you've got to be kidding me, but the more I thought about it, I was reminded of all those rainy and snowy days in NYC where I would do my best to protect my bag with my coat or shopping bags. I don't know... What do you guys think? Would you use one?

A Suede Jacket And White Pants Make For A Cool Spring Look

Le Fashion Blog Spring Style Tan Suede Moto Jacket Round Watch Cropped White Pants Black Slip On Sneakers Via The Blossom Girls photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Spring-Style-Tan-Suede-Moto-Jacket-Round-Watch-Cropped-White-Pants-Black-Slip-On-Sneakers-Via-The-Blossom-Girls.jpg
Le Fashion Blog Spring Style Suede Moto Jacket Black Tee Tote Cropped White Pants Black Slip On Sneakers Via The Blossom Girls photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Spring-Style-Suede-Moto-Jacket-Black-Tee-Tote-Cropped-White-Pants-Black-Slip-On-Sneakers-Via-The-Blossom-Girls.jpg
Photos via: The Blossom Girls

This cool look from Savina is great inspiration on how to incorporate both a suede jacket and cropped white pants into your spring wardrobe. Love that this can be worn with sneakers for an off-duty feel or switched up with black pumps for work, a date or beyond.

Get the look:
+ Mango Suede Biker Jacket
+ BLK DNM 16 Jersey T-Shirt
+ Shashi Classique Watch
+ Trouvé Elastic Cuff Pleated Pants
+ Steve Madden Buhba Slip-On Sneakers


Laid-Back Cool In A Striped Tee And Jeans

Le Fashion Blog Laid Back Casual Wavy Hair Striped Tee Black Cardigan Ripped Jeans Ankle Boots Weekend Style Via Unique Models photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Laid-Back-Casual-Wavy-Hair-Striped-Tee-Black-Cardigan-Ripped-Jeans-Ankle-Boots-Weekend-Style-Via-Unique-Models.jpg
Le Fashion Blog Laid Back Casual Wavy Hair Striped Tee Cardigan Jeans Weekend Style Anna Kolding Via Unique Models photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Laid-Back-Casual-Wavy-Hair-Striped-Tee-Cardigan-Jeans-Weekend-Style-Anna-Kolding-Via-Unique-Models.jpg
Photos via: Unique Models

My favorite laid-back look is hands down a striped tee and jeans.

Get the look:
+ MOD.lusive by Bobeau Open Front Cardigan
+ Banana Republic Striped Modal Pocket Tee
+ Madewell High Rise Skinny Jeans
+ Steve Madden Koraa Leather Booties

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